Featured Items

Each catering menu is customized for your event based on the number of people and the foods you want to eat. Check out our featured foods which are best sellers and crowd favorites at catering events. Contact us to discuss which foods you like so that your catering menu can be custom built for your needs.


Grandville’s handrubs all our briskets with pepper, salt, and garlic then slow smokes to perfection. And yes, we make sure there is plenty of fat to go around because that’s where all the flavor is.

Pork Ribs

Our pork ribs are rubbed with brown sugar, salt, paprika, Garlic and Pepper and slow smoked 'til the meat falls off the bone. We lather them up with any one of our BBQ sauces so they are ooey and gooey. If you're going to wear white to our BBQ event DON’T!


Our chicken is mopped down over many hours of slow smoking with our custom wet rub that will fit the BBQ sauce flavor you choose. Pick from any of our international award winning BBQ sauces. ( Pineapple, Cajun, Mild, Spicy, or Extra Spicy)

Pulled Pork

We rub the Pork Butts with our special seasonings and slow smoke for that amazing Southern taste. We make a cool, creamy coleslaw that will light up your taste buds and add just the right amount flavor to your pulled pork.

Hot Stuff!

Smoked peppers and burnt ends are just what you need on a cold day or to make the aches and pains go away.

Sweet Cornbread

This old-school recipe is thick and has real chunks of corn in it.  We drench this amazing dish in bacon. Mmmm Gooood!

Mac & Cheese

Our Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese will put on the weight for sure. Loaded with Al Dente Garlic, Bacon, and 25 lbs. of smoked Gouda, Cheddar, and Mozzarella cheeses. People fight over the empty pans to lick them clean.


Remember to book your event as EARLY AS POSSIBLE because each event is customized for your needs. We will be there to make sure everyone is served!

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